Coping with Grief & Loss

Throughout our lifespan we will experience many different kinds of loss and our feelings about this loss can be extremely intense and all consuming for a period of time.

Grief is a very personal and individual human response and people take varying lengths of time to move through the stages of grief before they feel able to function in their lives again.

Feelings of grief can be experienced by losing a parent or losing a child, losing a friend, losing a job, separation/divorce, loss of health due to illness, death of a pet, loss of an expectation or a dream, loss of a home, changing school/college/university, financial loss, loss of identity, loss of intimacy, loss of trust.

Whilst support from family and friends is helpful, it may not always be available or adequate and well meaning people can often say inappropriate things. Counselling provides the support and empathy in a safe and confidential space to help you move through at your own pace.