Self Esteem Issues

Poor self esteem is one of the main causes for people leading restricted lives.

  • Feeling unworthy and not good enough

  • Doubting your abilities and ignoring your strengths

  • Believing negative comments and judgements made by others

  • Worrying alot about what others think of you

  • Not expressing your own opinion

  • Avoiding social situations and hiding if in a social setting

  • Not trusting you can make the right decisions for yourself

  • Feeling unsure and lacking confidence

  • Finding it hard to set goals and believe they are achievable

  • Comparing yourself unfavourably to others.

These are some of the indicators that your self esteem is in trouble. These feelings may have developed as a result of current events or may stem from past experiences in childhood or adolescence.

Counselling can help to unravel the reasons behind these self beliefs and build a more positive, self confident self and a bigger life.