christine weston

Meet Christine

Christine is a Registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist. She holds a Bachelor in Social Science, a Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapy Studies and is a member of the Australian Somatic Psychotherapy Association and the Australian Hypnotherapist' s Association.

She is a PACFA Clinical Registrant.

Christine has 25 years experience as a clinical counsellor in the public sector (for the NSW Police and Women's Health) and in private practice. She has experience working with a range of client presentations, including self esteem, trauma, grief, sexual abuse, domestic violence, parenting, relationship issues, anxiety, depression. post natal depression,  workplace stress, disorders of the self and addictive behaviour.

Whilst Christine's underlying framework is psychodynamic and humanistic, she takes a client-centred approach to her therapeutic interventions and utilises a variety of therapeutic approaches depending on the client's specific issues and emotional capacity. Christine believes that each person's requirements are unique and her therapy is guided by that belief. This is a collaborative approach, whereby Christine works together with the client to form a therapeutic alliance.

Both conscious and unconscious processes are explored as people are helped to manage their thoughts and emotions, and challenge patterns of behaviour - enabling change, where desired, and better ways of being and living. When Christine works with couples, she uses a combined approach drawing on intra-psychic and systemic modalities,  understanding the individuals and what happens between them as a system of relating. Christine works with the client as a whole person, rather than as a set of 'symptoms' or ' pathologies' to be treated. People manifest their emotional difficulties in different forms in an effort to adapt. Christine focuses her therapy on what works and the resources people have within to draw from and help them to understand that they can make changes and improve their experience of life.